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The difference between Speculators and Investors is that one obsessively follow the unpredictable Market Movemnet to Buy & sell hoping to get rich quick but the investors buy business based on careful assessment of their inherent value and then they wait” — Kritika Yadav, Certified Financial Planner (USA)

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Ms. Kritika Yadav is a Certified Financial Planner, an entrepreneur, an investment enthusiast and an Educationist. She is also the founder of Market Maestroo Pvt.Ltd.

Her outstanding entrepreneurial spirit makes her excel at fundamental analysis, personal finance and has an outstanding background in investment planning.

Ms. Kritika aids in managing the money of her clients and navigating through their financial issues. She likes to assist her potential customer in formulating long-term financial objectives. She reviews her clients' life stage, risk tolerance, and forthcoming investments. Her aptitude to execute negotiations, decent analytical and communication competences, and commitment to work independently drove her to a career in financial planning.

Kritika Yadav's exceptional ability to communicate efficiently and guidance for Investment Management and Financial Planning through her well-known Finance Channel "Kritika Yadav" on social media platforms has assisted thousands of individuals in achieving their financial goals.

Her invaluable contribution will undoubtedly help the company reach new heights.

Ms. Kritika Yadav

Founder of Market Maestroo Pvt.Ltd

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Our learners' verbatim

My investment and learning experience with Ms. Kritika have been really beneficial, fantastic, and dependable. They provided me with helpful advice from time to time, which increased my confidence and helped my portfolio meet my financial objectives. I am grateful to the Ms. Kritika’s team for their support, and I wish them further success in the future.
GIRL 2 (002)
Priya Mishra
Working with Ms. Kritika has been a fantastic experience. The investment choices presented are great, and the team's expertise and efficient processes make investing a joy. I wish them well in their future ventures.
BOY 4 (002)
Abhimanyu Sharma
From counseling me in the early days to enhancing the portfolio now, my investing experience with Ms. Kritika has been nothing short of outstanding. A particular mention goes to Ms. Kritika Yadav, who has replied to all of my questions with warmth and respect. Keep travelling in the same direction. Best wishes for the future.
BOY 3 (002)
Ankush Parekh
One of the industry's finest financial services. I have been following Kritika mam from last 2 years. The level of service offered has given me a lot more peace of mind, despite the short-term market feelings that are prevalent. I hope to receive the same quality of care in the future. Best wishes, everyone!
Amit Kulkarni

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